Craven Judo Academy Gradings

Progress Through The Belts with Craven Judo Acdemy's Gradings

Our New Independent Grading Syllabus has been launched to ensure our players gain the fundermental skills that will provide our students with a well founded base for competition judo.

Sports Club Gradings

Gradings start at Sports Club where our players are examined on their gymnastic & breakfalling abilities as well as their work ethic & listening skills. Our Sports Club members can check their progress as they gain different coloured wristbands as they complete their gradings. The Wristband Order is below.


  • Novice - White Wristband
  • CJA 1st Sho - Red Wristband
  • CJA 2nd Sho - Yellow Wristband
  • CJA 3rd Sho - Orange Wristband

Judo Gradings

Judokas are then examined on all aspects of judo including; throwing skills, hold down techniques, gripping techniques, grappling turnovers in to hold downs, strangles & arm locks, throwing combinations & their transition from standing to ground work. The progression of these skills is in line with what we'd like to see in their competitive performances. Our judokas can check their progress as they gain the different coloured belts as they complete their gradings. The belt order is below.


  • Novice - White Belt
  • CJA 1st Mon - Red/White Belt
  • CJA 2nd Mon - Red
  • CJA 3rd Mon - Red/Black Belt
  • CJA 4th Mon - Yellow/White Belt
  • CJA 5th Mon - Yellow Belt
  • CJA 6th Mon - Yellow/Black Belt
  • CJA 7th Mon - Orange/White Belt
  • CJA 8th Mon - Orange
  • CJA 9th Mon - Orange/Black
  • CJA 10th Mon - Green/White
  • CJA 11th Mon - Green
  • CJA 12th Mon - Green/Black
  • CJA 2nd Kyu - Blue Belt
  • CJA 1st Kyu - Brown Belt
When Players are ready to go for their British Judo Association Black Belt, Craven Judo Academy will ensure their grade is ratified by the BJA.

View the Craven Judo Academy Grading Syllabus, by clicking here
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