North West Area Dan Grading


Cadets, Juniors, Seniors & Veterans

BJA Registered Dan Grading

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Organisation: Craven Judo Academy, Settle Primary School, Bond Lane, Settle, BD24 9BW 

Tel: +44 7804819203      E-mail:        Website:

Venue: Lunesdale Sports Centre, Kendal Road, Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria, LA6 2HJ
Date: Sunday 18th August 2019 9am Start
Participation: This event is open to players aged 15 years of age and above who hold the BJA grade of 1st Kyu & above.All participants must hold a valid British Judo Association and must bring proof of this to the registration and weigh-in.

Entry numbers will be limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Basic Rules: The minimum number of candidates to run the Dan grading is six. (Three, four or five candidates may, if they wish, have a recommended maximum of three individual contests for the purpose of scoring promotion points.) Each candidate is entitled to a minimum of two individual contests. 

All contests are of 4 minutes. 

A candidate is entitled to a third individual contest if they have won a minimum of one contest by Ippon in their first two contests. 

A candidate who wins their first two contests by Ippon will automatically go forward to the line-up section and should not be given a third individual contest. 

Winners should be matched with each other in the second and third rounds. 

A candidate should not normally have more than 3 individual contests. If for any reason the judoka that has not qualified for a line-up has a fourth individual contest, they will retain any points gained but these will not count towards qualification for a line up.


A candidate who is entitled to a third individual contest will not be given their third contest in another candidate’s line up. 

To be successful in their line up a candidate must win all three contests by Ippon. 

A candidate who fails to complete their line-up, in exceptional circumstances may be used in another candidate’s line up, e.g. injuries to candidates or numerous line ups and low number of candidates available for lines. 

For all candidates participating in the competitive Dan grading it is worth noting that the Nick Elliott’s  Basic Guide to Kata Seminar is also running on Sunday 18th August 2019. This seminar will be really useful to gain the knowledge required to pass the kata element of your theory examination.  In addition to this we hope to have a BJA senior examiner present during the seminar who will conduct technical examinations allowing candidates the opportunity of full promotion on the day.

Multi-grade 50 Points on the Day: This system could be used when there is a collection of various grades with less than six candidates of the same grade. For the first three rounds candidates will be matched with players in priority of the same grade, age and weight where possible regardless of results. Candidates will be matched with players of the same grade for as many rounds as possible and then with players of the next higher or lower grade. 

Candidates will continue fighting until they have either gained fifty points or have lost or drawn two contests. Candidates who have lost or drawn two contests are not eligible to gain promotion on the day. However, they may be required to provide contests for candidates who are eligible for promotion on the day and will accumulate points for promotion for any Ippon win. 

Candidates will earn 10 points for ippon wins against players of the same or higher grade.

Candidates will earn 5 points for ippon wins against players of a lower grade.

How to Enter: To submit your entry for the North West Area Dan Grading, please visit enter just this event the single Entry Fee for this event is £20.00. Alternatively you can enter more than one event at judofest for £50.  These fees include the BJA grading levy. These entry fees are applicable for all entries posted & paid for through our website on or before Friday 9th August 2019.

Please note in order for our event to run efficiently we would like your entries to come in nice and early.  To encourage you to do this, we have a late entry policy whereby the entry fee will increase.

Our Late Entry Fee for a single event is £25.00 & for multiple events is £60. These late entry fees apply to all entries posted through website on or after Saturday 10th August 2019.  

We will accept entries on the day of the event of which our late entry fee will apply but payments must be made in cash.

We will only stop taking entries for this event if it becomes oversubscribed. If over-subscription occurs we will post a notice on our website 

Weigh in: Players can weigh in Friday Night 6pm-10pm for the Northern Powerhouse Team Tournament / Lunesdale Open Newaza Championships, this weigh in will also be used for the Craven Open Judo  Championships & North West Area Dan Grading if you’re also competing in either of these events.  

If  you are planning to come for the Craven Open Judo Championships (point scoring event) & North West Area Dan Grading, the weigh in for these events is Saturday from 5pm-7pm.

If you only plan to attend the dan grading, please let us know and we will make arrangements for you to weigh in matside.

All competitors MUST bring their VALID judo licence with points card if applicable (BJA) to registration and also their record book showing that they are at the grade in which they entered.  

Male players will be weighed in Judogi pants with 0.5kg allowance.

Female players will be weighed in Judogi pants & t-shirt with 0.6kg allowance.

Thanks for your support: We will again be running a cafe on the day which ran by Craven Judo Academy volunteers to help increase funds for our club to help improve the experience of our members and continue to develop the sport of judo in the Craven District.  We would again appreciate your support by spending your money at our cafe rather than bringing food / drink with you.
Coaching: No Coaching is allowed during a Dan Grading although encouragement is allowed.
Venue Directions: Use the street name ‘Kendal Road’ Kirkby Lonsdale in your SatNav to find the venue.  The venue – Lunesdale Sports Centre, is behind the Queen Elizabeth School Astroturf at which you can park alongside.
Camping: We have a private campsite available 20 minutes from the venue for JudoFest Participants from £15 per pitch per night.  Book your camping pitch on our website: 


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